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Testimonial 1

I was pregnant with my second child when I met Roger whilst I was in my mosaic class. I was told their was gentleman next door who had an incredible sixth sense that to date had never failed in predicting the sex of an unborn child.

On holding my wedding rings, Roger asked to be able to talk to me in private; I was not to be a cut and dry case. I like many of us, was a damaged soul, wounded by the recent events of my life. Seven months earlier our beautiful son George was to die as a stillbirth at 36 weeks. The fragility of life had been highlighted and my next pregnancy was of course filled with fears and anxieties.

Roger and I were to talk for some time on that day as on meeting him he already knew of my scars and oh so much more, yet our paths had not crossed and this was all sent to him through the energy of my rings. Many cleansing tears were shed as he spoke of our heat ache, fears and the most destructive of all emotions BLAME. To hear a stranger being able to vocalise your inner turmoil that resonates with truth, makes you feel slightly vulnerable and exposed yet knowing that it is an integral part of your recovery. We spoke of my blockages and worked on affirmations to put some demons to rest.

I was truly amazed at the accuracy and detail that Roger provided me with, which went beyond me to my husband, my beloved son and my unborn daughter. Roger did predict the sex of our next child to be a vivacious girl, and that all will go well which it did and we were blessed by another beautiful baby on the 29th July05.

I donít believe anything happens by coincidence, he was one of the many guardian angels put in my path to hold my hand.

Roger and I have continued to meet and I have always found him to provide me with an uncannily clear picture. (I thought my husband could read me well!) I cherish the work he has done with me and credit the clarity and focus that I live my life by to him and many others.





Testimonial 2

Roger has helped me with aspects of my growth that I couldnít have seen on my own. I felt safe and really nurtured throughout the session. From then on I have been more and more relaxed with my ideas and thoughts becoming clearer and changes happening without effort. I truly value the depth of Rogers understanding and caring in what he does.


West Perth



Testimonial 3

It is with great pleasure I write this testimonial on behalf of Roger Hobday. I have experienced Rogerís practice of Sacred Geometry and am surprised and astounded by the results. Being a natural skeptic, I was wary in the beginning, my partner is very persuasive and convinced me to give it a go.

Expecting nothing, imagine my surprise at Rogerís ability to talk about events in my past without prior knowledge! Detail he gave was amazing, only I knew of the events, he recounted as though there. Even more surprising, the effect it has had on my life. I find clarity, despite believing I had it before, I am now aware I did not. Roger told me about events in my past and their effect on the present..

Scratch one skeptic!

Roger focuses on issues and tells it as he sees it, something which has appeal to me. Although he states he is not clairvoyant, I disagree and suggest he has abilities and gifts well beyond his claims. He keeps you informed and answers questions through the whole process which is important to me. The other issue which he dedicates time to is an after session talk. This allows him to fully explain everything he has seen, what he has done and why and to answer questions. He will tell you what you need to hear, regardless of whether you want hear it. Anyone who is prepared to do that in todayís world is worth their weight in gold.

Regardless of the mystique surrounding practices like sacred geometry, my interpretation, it is a form of self empowered counselling. Think of yourself as a power station, Roger a light switch and changes or improvements you want in your life as a light bulb. You have no knowledge of either power station or light switch. Roger helps you see both, you throw the switch! The power station is no longer an issue because you know itís there, otherwise the light could not work. You suddenly realise, itís not big issues that confront, rather a series of small combining to create larger problems in life. The most powerful, best equipped power station is of no value to your lights until you throw the switch. To take this analogy further, sometimes globes are blown, Roger helps you see how to change them! As long as you are alive, nothing canít be fixed.

Sound weird? Sound too simple? Take a challenge from a self confessed skeptic and try Roger Hobday. I did, to please my partner, and could never have imagined what a favour she was doing me. It was an act of  love on her part, but then she already knew that.



From Connolly.


Testimonial 4

I have always wanted to explore the spiritual side of my nature and after continual contact with Roger over the last 8 months, I am becoming more clear as I progress with the Sacred Geometry healing treatments. I would recommend Roger to anyone who seeks to start or further their spiritual journey

Louise K


Testimonial 5

16th August 2007

Dear Roger,

Healing. What does it mean to me? Up to 2003 it meant a trip to the doctor.

In 2002 two major things happened to me, the passing of a parent and marriage separation.

Life was never the same.

I was struck with illness I never new possible. Doctors gave me so many drugs I threw allergic reactions to them. What was going on? I realised I had to help myself, but how? Where do I start?

One night I was listening to the radio and a lady who is a healer and clairvoyant was on. I rang and spoke to the gentleman who had her on air, he kindly gave me her phone number. I called only to find she lived 200Km away in Collie. The lady gave me the number of a healer in Perth.

Healer? I wasnít sure what that was about. Something inside me said you donít have anything to lose, so I called. "Roger speaking", that was in 2003. You were on an outing, but took time to speak. Sometimes thatís what people need, someone that will listen. You told me about Reiki and that you could do a healing on me. It was the best thing that has ever happened.

Over the next year you did Reiki healings and my health started to improve. It was hard to believe, I did not need medicine, my aches and pains would go away with Reiki. I went to the library and got books on holistic medicines and therapies, my life was changing.

We kept in contact and I decided to learn Reiki so I could do it for myself when needed. It is a part of my daily practice when needed for friends, family or myself.

Other things surfaced, I feared driving in places that I was not familiar with. We spoke about this and you mentioned TFT.

Again I asked for your help.

With Ďtapping techniquesí you have helped me overcome my fear. Just this last week I ventured into something new with you, Sacred Geometry. This is hard to explain, but it was very effective. The effect on my life again has been amazing. Positive things seem to have been around me since this last healing.

Thank you Roger for giving me so much. You are incredible.






 BY RACHEL 22 September 2007

3 days ago Roger Hobday did a great deal of work on me, the inner me and myself in general. You see recently I have been so mixed up inside and havenít been eating and have been really stressed out to the max. Roger cleansed and healed my spirit and energy and has given me inner strength to carry on with my life and energy for me to take my power back, which I always give out to others.

To be honest I knew Roger was gifted from the moment I met him. I just got this feeling within me like he really understood me. My main fear in this world is to be alone and Roger really comforted me telling me that "you are never alone, everyone and everything is connected to everything" which made me feel really blessed- I was automatically very tired after the 2 sessions he did with me as he had gotten rid of all my angry and hurt energy and replaced it with healing energy. I let go of a lot of the past, which is very hard for me to do.

I have been noticing significant changes in my attitude now and my behaviour in general, for example I had been putting off cleaning my car and room for months and months now and I just randomly had the urge to clean up all of the past and resolve some main points in my life and the way I think and feel about situations.

I would recommend Roger Hobday to anyone seeking guidance and healing (we all need it itís just a matter of whether we open up to that fact), Roger is very professional and honest and his hands really are healing hands, he is absolutely brilliant, and has a great knowledge in the spiritual realm, acting as a "medium" to the other realm he became in contact with my Grandmother dunng the healing session and he spoke just like her even though he has never met her as she had passed away before I met him.

Everything he does is truly amazing and enlightening, I am so thankful for him, such a kind gentle spirit and has a very positive energy. Within one day of Roger working on me I was beginning to eat again and get things done that I never get done, and he told me the outside of me is a great indication of how the inside of me is, so an example of things if you have a messy house, then inside youíre a mess, if Itís clean, you are cleaning up your life and moving on in your life. I am choosing to move on in a positive light in my life and although it is due to myself I would not know where to start and would still be muddled if it wasnít for Mr Hobday.

Yours truly,


Aged 22 years.



Testimonial 8

ďI have sometimes felt in my personal growth that I am going round in circles not getting anywhere. I found in the bodywork session with Roger that the information he gives you and the processes he uses to uncover and reveal your true self, and free up blockages, helps to clear a path that has made my growth more enjoyable and easier.

He starts with insights and suggestions all relating to your issues, which I have implemented into my life with amazing results.

The bodywork session uncovers and release past blockages in a very relaxing and non threatening way Ė these have been revealed to me for many weeks since, in a way that they have easily been dealt with and released. Not only is it a healing and growth process, but I felt completely physically balanced for that day and positive changes in my body have been felt from that day onwards.

I have found that the issues that I was concerned with are continuingly improving and a clear and easy path for a better way is being revealed. I am so happy with the work that Roger does that I am looking forward to using this as a very relaxing and healing process to continuing my person growth in all aspects of my life.Ē

Tricia - June

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